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In 1996, LAD Companies was founded by Lee A. Dragna. Throughout the years,  LAD has had many endevers including New Barge Fabrication, Marine Salvage, Structural Fabrication, Barge Fleeting, Dockside Repair, and many other special projects that have evolved throughout the years. Here at LAD, we are always up for new challenges and projects no matter how big or small.



What's New

BERWICK — Aboard the Little Gulp, a 180-foot skimmer parked along River Road in Berwick Tuesday, Hollywood star Kevin Costner, who famously fought last year to have his skimming technology used in More...
Deepwater Horizon Site-- Fifty miles offshore, a skimmer the size of a football field satisfies its healthy appetite. "The Big Gulp," as BP has nicknamed it, is the brainchild of Lee Dragna, More...

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