LAD Services of Louisiana

     LAD Services, LLC is a fabrication and repair company that has 3 facilities. Our first facility is located in Stephensville, Louisiana, approximately 2 miles outside of Morgan City, Louisiana. This facility can fabricate vessels ranging from 10x40 pin together barges up to 300x80x20 ABS class barges, with 2 fabrication shops on site. The two fabrication shops here are sized at 400x75 and 220x80 feet. There is also a 200x60 processing shop with 750 ton 20 foot break press, 12x45 plasma table, 40 foot bending machine, bundle cutting saw, and 10 acres of facility total. 

(shown above is the 260x72 under construction) 

     Our second facility is located in Berwick, Louisiana. This facility is our repair yard that is the home to our drydocks, which are 85x260, inside dementions, with wing walls of 20 feet in height. Our newest dock has inside dementions of 85x240x20. This facility is home to 22 acres with over 2000 foot of water front dock to do any top side repairs or work needed. 
drydock1  drydock2

     Our third facilitly is located in Baldwin, Louisiana. This facility homes 3 fabricating shops that are 2 at 70x400 amd 1 at 70x360, with 19 acres total facility area. The facility primarily builds 54x300 30K oil tank barges, which LAD has its own design on. 

Above is an image of one of our fabrication shops. 

  We have the following in house drawings:
195x35x12 10K Oil Barge
297x54x12 30K Oil Barge
   LAD has state of the art computerized welders, cutters and has its own plate bender capable of bending plate up to 40 feet in lenght. We employ over 180 employees currently and continue to strive to be the best at what we do. We have the ability to build anything you can dream up; we are confident that our quality speaks for itself. Here at LAD Services, we take pride in what we do! 

The following clients can vouch for our quality and dedication to our work:
Cashman Equipment
Canal Barge
Central Boats
McDoughna Marine
Stansburry & Associates
United States Coast Guard